Use the Winnipeg Halloween Decoration Map to find the Best Decorated Houses in in Winnipeg

This year, you can use the newly created Winnipeg Halloween Decoration Map to plan your Halloween adventures, finding safe, socially distanced ways to find Halloween decorations, via walking or car, around the city.

Winnipeg Halloween Decoration Map

How to use the map: When you’re looking at the map, the orange pins are houses with decorations up before Halloween. The purple pins have decorations up on Halloween. Keep this in mind when you’re timing your visit to explore Halloween decorations in Winnipeg.

What you should know before you go: 

  • It’s easiest to plan out a route before you make plan your adventure. You can plan around your neighbourhood, looking for houses that are easily within walking distance, or plan the route driving, and choose some of the most talked about houses in the city. You could even break up the map into different parts of the city, into multiple trips. Using online tools like Maps, you can even enter multiple destinations, and have a route created for you based on the addresses.
  • Don’t forget the spooky music! Find a spooky Halloween playlist to listen to in the vehicle while you drive around and look at the Halloween decorations in Winnipeg.
  • Dress up! Make it festive! Before heading out to look at the halloween decorations, dress up in costumes (but make sure they’re comfortable enough to sit in while spending time driving around in the car)
  • Bring snacks! Halloween snacks make everything more fun. Something as simple as small halloween sized treats can make this outing even more special.

View the Winnipeg Halloween Decorations Map, here, created by Carol Cassell.

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